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Bubble phase stripper and mobile fixed bed for purification of stripper air from purification of ground water

Station for regeneration of mobile fixed beds with steam chlorinated hydro carbons are liquefied for external destruction

At a larger mechanical manufacturing industry in Hungary soil and ground water where heavily contaminated of hazardous wastes from earlier activity one of Europe's most extensive remediation projects has been implemented. Remediation has been made by various methods where most contaminated masses has been removed for external destruction, land filling of other masses in a sealed land fill of 200 000 m3 provided with drain water treatment and biological treatment of oil contaminated soil.
The groundwater under the industrial area was strongly contaminated of mostly chlorinated hydro carbons purification of the groundwater in the area is done by pump and treat of 10 ground water extraction wells with stripping method. Some of the process air stripper sites cannot comply with EU ' s VOC - directives why these has been provided with fixed activated adsorption beds. The filters are regenerated approximately: 1 time/month by moving to a station where regeneration is done with steam and they chlorinated hydro carbons are liquefied for external destruction.

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