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Purification and destruction of emissions containing for example solvents (VOC) in process airstreams often is made by incineration (oxidation) where the VOC is transformed to CO2 and H2O. This appears at a temperature of approximately: 300oC in catalytically- or at 850oC in thermal- incineration systems. In order to decrease the energy consumption in this type of processes its possible to concentrate the  VOC in the air to a smaller flow whereupon the energy consumption decreases and such process can bee run autothermely (without external energy).


  • Low pressure drop
  • Relatively low sensitivity to particles 
  • Low weight equipment that can be placed on roofs


  • Process - and ventilator air from paint booths in workshop's, plastics and wood industries
  • Different types of process air from in industries
  • Printing processes and ventilation air in printing industries

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